Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Post IMF protests

October 6-

Mass protests against the IMF and Worldbank took place this morning in Taksim Square. In the afternoon, there are still occasional skirmishes. Tear gas lingers in the air, red paint trickles down the trolley tracks after police had thrown it on protestors in order to identify them. The policeman pictured to the left, holding a tear gas gun in his left hand and wearing his gas mask on his head, is walking back to a temporary police rally point after a scuffle not far from the Mosque on Istiklal Caddesi.

Several shopwindows are smashed and graffiti is tagged on the main street saying "IMF DEFOL", or "IMF Go Away." Police are still posted at key points around the city in case of additional violence. Throughout the afternoon helicopters make sorties over the area, and different tributary streets of Istiklal are infrequently plagued by tear gas and protesting.

A police barricade set up in Elmadag, halfway between Taksim Square and the site of the IMF meetings less than half a mile away.

Police standing next to one of the armored vehicles used to spray high powered water on protestors.

Police set up a barricade around Taksim Square behind which they keep a fleet of patrol cars and armored vehicles.

At the mosque on Istiklal police remain ready for further confrontations.

A green armored car quickly paves its way through the busy street.

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